2023 Bogus Basin Michael B. Young Memorial IFSA Junior 2* Regional

2023 Bogus Basin Michael B. Young Memorial IFSA Junior 2* Regional

From February 24, 2023 until February 25, 2023

At Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

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 Registration for this 2* Regional event is prioritized for Intermountain Region athletes during the first 48 hours of registration.  Athletes who are not a member of the Intermountain region, and register within 48 hours of registration opening, will be refunded and deleted from the roster.

Out-of-region athletes may register for this event beginning Thursday, December 29 @ 5:00PM MST


We encourage you to check back often for updates, schedule changes, registration dates, etc. Additional information will be added as soon as our Event Organizing partner provides information to the IFSA Administrative Team. 


Coaches who HAVE NOT registered will not be granted ticketing benefits
or access to the event or venue. Please help keep events running smoothly by completing registration on The Driven. 



☞  Review the IFSA Series Handbook: CLICK HERE
☞  Back Protectors and helmets are MANDATORY for an athlete's competition run(s)
☞  Please review our Venue Inspection & Terrain Enhancement Protocol: CLICK HERE
☞  It is MANDATORY for athlete competitors to have a CERTIFIED IFSA COACH with a current IFSA Coach Membership
☞  Please review the 2023 IFSA Junior Series Changes prior to registering for this event: CLICK HERE


Competition Schedule

Athlete Check-in:

Mandatory* Athlete Meeting: Details TBA
*If you cannot attend the mandatory athlete meeting, you must make arrangements with the event organizer, listed below.

Competition Date:
Feb 24-25, 2023
Divisions: Skiing & Snowboarding
Age Categories:
 U12, 12-14, and 15-18


Event Contact

For questions specific to this event, the schedule, or cancellation requests, please contact the Event Organizer:  Shannon | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



If you wish to compete or coach, you must register during the registration period indicated below.


Event Registration Price for Athletes:

An IFSA Junior membership is required to compete. 
Click Here to obtain your IFSA 2023 Membership.

Event Registration Price for IFSA Coach Members: FREE
An IFSA Coach membership is required to register. 
Click Here 
to obtain your IFSA Coach Membership.

Coaches MUST register for event on The Driven to gain ticketing benefits and venue access


Ticket Deals: $43 for athletes with bib

Lodging Deals: TBA

Coaches will ONLY qualify for tickets and venue access by completing event registration on The Driven. You must be a currently certified IFSA Coach with a 2023 IFSA Coach Membership and registered on The Driven.



Cancellation Policy

For all IFSA Junior Freeride Events, the event refund policy is established by the Event Organizer. Please contact the Event Organizer to initate a cancellation.


- If a rider requests a refund more than two weeks prior to the event date, a full refund (minus transaction fees) will be issued.

- If a rider requests a refund less than two weeks before the event date, a 50% refund (minus transaction fees) will be issued.

- No refund will be provided for cancellations made less than one week before the event date. Cancellation due to a positive COVID-19 test will result in a 75% refund.

- If the event should be cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstance on event day, no refund will be issued to help cover the administrative costs of event setup and compensating the judges and employees required to be on the hill.

- A 50% refund will be provided if the event is forced to cancel due to local health regulations or restrictions

It is at the sole discretion of the Event Organizer, and not the IFSA, when and under what circumstances a refund will be issued. To request a cancellation or refund, you must contact the Event Organizer.