It's our first time competing. What do we need to know?
Is safety equipment required?
When will the event schedule be released?
Where do my event registration fees go?
How is the IFSA funded?
What is the IFSA Code of Conduct?
Do I get a refund if an event is cancelled?
Do I get a refund if I'm injured or sick?
What equipment is required to compete?



How do I register for a junior membership?
What freeride events count towards my IFSA ranking?
How do I register for IFSA junior competitions?
Why do I lack Pre-Qualified status for National Series registration?
Can I register early?
I’m 18, do I compete as a junior or an FWQ adult?
Am I Registered for this IFSA Junior event on The Driven?
I'm not on an organized team, can I still compete in IFSA events?



How do I register for an IFSA/FWQ adult membership?
How do I register for IFSA/FWQ adult competitions? 
How are FWQ rankings calculated?
What's the Collegiate Freeride Series?
How do I qualify for the Freeride World Tour?
Why haven’t I been admitted into an FWQ 4* event?
What is my seed ranking?
Why am I on the waitlist?
I’m injured, how can I freeze my points?
Where does FWQ prize money come from?
How are Wild Card athletes chosen?
Can I collect points anywhere in the world with my membership? 



Why should I get a coach certification?
How do I get certified?
My freeride team is new to the IFSA, what now?
I can't access the coach membership, what should I do?


2023 IFSA North American Qualifiers

  • Backcountry Access
  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • Freeride World Tour
  • Blizzard Tecnica
  • CAST
  • Western Colorado University
  • SHRED Optics