Where do my event registration fees go?

When you register for an IFSA-sanctioned event, your money is allocated to a number of expenses.

For each event registration fee, the IFSA collects a small head tax ($6-$12) per athlete depending on the level of competition. These funds go directly to the IFSA organization to assist with the employee hours required to produce guidelines and event documents, create a system of governance, maintaining and updating our athlete ranking systems, certifying and training judges and coaches, managing registration, and scheduling an event calendar of over 100 stops. The IFSA is a non-profit organization that functions as the governing body of competitive Freeride in North and South America. Our only source of revenue comes directly from IFSA memberships, fundraising, and the event registration head tax. 

The remaining registration fees go directly to the designated Event Organizer who uses your registration fees to pay judges, employees, event staff,  and ski patrol. The fees are also used to purchase event infrastructure, awards and podium prizes, athlete swag, and compensate employees involved in planning/executing events. 

For this reason, when an athlete requests a cancellation or refund under two weeks prior to an event, we are unable to provide a full refund. The Event Organizer incurs expenses, whether the event happens or not, and these expenses must be covered. To do so ensures the viability of future events and supports the valued partners we have fostered over the years. Each Event Organizer may establish their own cancellation policy. 

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