How do I register for a Junior membership?

In order to compete at any IFSA-sanctioned event, every junior rider will acquire an IFSA Membership License BEFORE an event takes place. All competitors must have an active IFSA membership. Because of the difficulty and time required to update and recalibrate rankings, riders who competed at an event without a valid license may not be able to claim their result and it will not be added to their ranking. Memberships are non-refundable. The membership year runs from April 20th to April 19th of the following year and memberships can be purchased through There are several different types of memberships:

  1. Region 2 IFSA Junior Athlete Membership
    This membership is for athletes aged 12-18 who will compete in more than one IFSA event in a season. Athletes must be 12 years of age by Dec, 31, to purchase this membership. Once an athlete turns 19 years of age, they are no longer permitted to compete at the junior level and will graduate to an FWQ Adult athlete.

  2. Region 2 IFSA Junior Athlete One-Time Membership 
    The Junior Athlete One-Time Membership is valid for participation in ONE EVENT ONLY during the season. If a rider who purchased a One-Time membership wishes to compete in more events he/she will then upgrade to a full membership (only paying the difference). A Junior Athlete Upgrade is REQUIRED if the athlete decides to compete in additional events. Please DO NOT purchase multiple One-Time Memberships!

  3. Region 2 IFSA Junior Athlete Upgrade
    The Junior Athlete Upgrade membership is for Athletes who purchased a One-Time membership and wish to upgrade their membership to compete in additional IFSA events during the season. Points will not be awarded to athletes who compete in additional events without upgrading their membership.  

  4. Region 2 IFSA U12 Athlete Membership
    The U12 IFSA membership is for athletes 11 years in age or YOUNGER on or prior to December 31.

Click HERE to purchase your junior membership.

2023 IFSA North American Qualifiers

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