What freeride events count towards my IFSA ranking?

For riders in the 12-14 and 15-18 Age Categories, an athlete’s IFSA Overall Region 2 Ranking will include points from Championship, National, and Regional finishes. 


I. National Series Points & Ranking

Athletes may compete in up to 3 National events located in any IFSA Region. 

An athlete’s ­BEST TWO of THREE National Series finishes will count towards their Overall IFSA Junior Freeride Series Ranking.

II. Regional Series Points & Ranking

The best ­TWO of an athlete’s FIRST THREE Regional Series finishes will count towards their Overall IFSA Junior Freeride Series Ranking.

Athletes are welcome to compete in Regional Series events outside of their designated geographical region. HOWEVER, only the FIRST out-of-region finish will count toward an athlete’s ranking. This finish must also be one of the athlete’s FIRST THREE finishes of the season in order to count toward the overall ranking. The image below depicts a map of our IFSA Geographical Regions the Junior Series.

Updated Geographic Regions


III. U12 Ranking
To preserve the aspects of fun and safety for our youngest competitors, an IFSA Overall Ranking will not be calculated for the U12 Age Category. It shall be determined by each IFSA Geographical Region if they wish to tabulate the scores of U12 athletes within their region. As of August 2020, no Geographical Region has opted to do so, therefore there is no ranking system in place for U12 athletes. Note that U12 athletes will still be provided with a podium/awards ceremony by the Event Organizers when U12 divisions are included.

At the end of each season, in April, the IFSA hosts an annual U12 Championship. Any athlete in the U12 Age Category who has competed in at least one IFSA-Sanctioned Freeride event during the same season is eligible to participate and will receive an invitation. The registration process is first-come-first-served and the event does typically sell out. This event is not open to first-time U12 competitors. Following the competition, a podium ceremony will recognize the U12 Championship winners, however there will be no overall awards or titles based on the season's results since IFSA U12 athletes are not ranked. 

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