I can't access the coach membership, what should I do?

To access an annual IFSA Coach Mebership, you must have completed our L100 or L200 training courses. 

Note that L100 Certification is valid for 2 seasons.
L200 Certification is valid for 3 seasons.

If your L200 or L100 certification has lapsed, you will need to re-certify in order to gain access to IFSA Coach Membership. This training is imperative so that coaches understand our safety protocol, venue inspection protocol, competition rules, and how the sport of competitive Freeride is judged.

Any IFSA coaches must be current or complete the L100 training in order to earn a passcode to purchase their $60 IFSA Coach Membership.

Current certification and a current IFSA Coach Membership are REQUIRED to access the competition venue and enjoy free or discounted lift tickets.

All coaches must complete the IFSA certification program. Each fall, all currently certified coaches are emailed a passcode to access IFSA Coach Membership. If you cannot locate your passcode or need an update on your certification process, visit our CONTACT page. 


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