What Equipment is Required to Compete?

Helmets are mandatory when inspecting, competing, or riding within the venue. Coaches must also wear a helmet when accessing the venue.

It is mandatory that an athlete wear a back protector during any competition run(s). The back protector must be a stand-alone piece of equipment designed to protect users from impact during a fall. Backpacks, vests, avalanche packs, etc. will not be considered valid back protectors

The IFSA strongly recommends additional protective gear when training or competing in Freeride such as but not limited to: hip, knee, and elbow pads, and a mouth guard.

The event organizer may require additional protective and/or safety equipment beyond the items mentioned above, including but not limited to an avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, and avalanche airbag, or avalung device. You will be notified if additional protective equipment is required.

Athletes failing to meet equipment requirements set by both the IFSA and the event organizer will not be permitted to start and will be awarded a DNS (Did Not Start) score, earning no points. DNS riders will not receive a refund for the registration fee.

2023 IFSA North American Qualifiers

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