Town Hall Meeting - Nov. 21, 2021

Town Hall Meeting - Nov. 21, 2021


Brennan Metzler, IFSA Snowboard Chair, began the town hall by describing the past eight years of FWQ history under IFSA management.  He spoke about the transition from the early days of the IFSA to the current state of the IFSA including  the increased support from our resort partners, our heightened expectations of them, the impact of the booming IFSA junior series on our adult series and athlete community, and the extensive communication between the FWT and the IFSA this summer which led to the creation of the FWQ Finals.

Brian Cole, the IFSA FWQ Freeride Coordinator, then detailed a synopsis of the new FWQ Finals format which you can find here:

The floor was then opened to questions from the community. The following is a summary of those questions and the IFSA's responses.

Q: As a new FWQ athlete, what events should I sign up for and will it be possible to compete in 4* events this season?

A: Newer or unranked athletes should register for 2* and 3* events to gain points and experience, and to improve their overall FWQ ranking.  While it is possible for athletes to accumulate enough points early in the season to gain access to the more rigorous mid and late season 4* events, this process of evolving from a 2* to a 4* to a FINALS athlete will usually involve multiple seasons of competitive results and progression.

Q: What's with the 3* events at Big Sky, Crystal, and Kirkwood?

A: These FINALS events at Big Sky, Crystal, and Kirkwood will host 3* competitions in the days leading up to the FINALS event.  Athletes seeking competition experience, or access to the 2022-2023 4* and FINALS series, are encouraged to participate in these events to build their ranking and skill.  Further, the top ranked non FINALS athlete in each division will be provided the opportunity to move onto the FINALS event at each location, in line with historical 2*/4* tradition.

Q: Won't the FWQ Finals cost athletes more money and time away from work?

A: We do not believe so. The minimum number of events to qualify for the FWT is still three. There may be a cost increase for Canadians trying to make the tour, which we hope to mitigate in future years by adding FINALS events in Canada. 

Q: Why aren't there any FINALS events in Canada?

A: Unfortunately, in 2021-2022 all 3 FINALS events are in the United States. This was driven by the timeline of sanctioning the FWQ FINALS concept, and existing contracts with resort partners. (Canadian 4* competitions are usually earlier in the season).  However, the IFSA is committing to including a Canadian event in the FWQ FINALS moving forward.

Q: Why didn't the Snowboard Woman's category get an extra FWT qualification spot, like the other divisions did?

A: Some of our community members have reached out to express that this decision left them feeling de-valued and left out. To those community members: we hear you. We want every freerider to feel welcomed and engaged in our community and we’re sorry that in this instance, you do not. The IFSA is not in control of how many FWT qualification spots each division receives. However, the number spots available to each division is based on the size of the division. The FWT believes that each division is fairly represented according to the size of their population, and we are in agreement. If you would like more details on division size, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: Will the IFSA be able to use the FWT's social media channels to distribute content this year?

A: Yes! The FWT has offered their social media to help us promote the FWQ FINALS. We're excited about the opportunities this could provide, including new sponsorships and global awareness.



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