IFSA Announces Board of Directors and Advisory Board

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International Freeskiers Association Announces Board of Directors and Advisory Board for 2010-2011

Salt Lake City, UT – December 20, 2010 – The International Freeskiers Association has appointed a new board of directors and advisory board in an effort to continue the growth of the organization and the sport of freeskiing

"We have had some lateral moves within the board and brought back several former IFSA presidents in new roles to better suite the growth of the IFSA," said new president Rob Greener, referring to former IFSA presidents Jim Jack, Dave Swanwick, and Lhotse Hawk. "Each of these individuals has performed as President at one time or another since 1996, and have now taken up new roles on the board of directors and advisory board, giving us the benefit of their extensive experience." Said Vice President Chris Paulding.

In addition to the board of directors, several new advisory board members have joined the IFSA, bringing great insights and ski industry experience, particularly in the development of junior freeskiing.

Three of the advisory board members, Eric DesLauriers, Mike Leake, and Max Kuszaj, coach and run various freeride programs. "It is extremely important that we focus on creating positive growth within junior freeskiing," said Greener. Along with heading up IFSA, Rob also performs duties as the head coach for the Alta/Snowbird Freeride team, and is the Junior Freeskiing Tour event director.

Board of Directors:

  • President - Rob Greener
  • Vice President - Chris Paulding
  • Secretary - Nicole Greener,
  • Treasurer - Dave Swanwick
  • Head Judge - Jim Jack

Advisory Board:

  • Max Kuszaj
  • Sherry McConkey
  • Eric DesLauriers
  • Eric Schmitz
  • Mike Leake
  • Claire Smallwood
  • Lhotse Hawk

About the International Freeskiers Association (IFSA)

The International Freeskiers Association (IFSA) was established in 1996.

The mission of the IFSA is to enhance the sport of Competitive Freeskiing by creating a uniform set of guidelines to ensure consistent and credible competition around the world. We are here to represent the needs and interests of Freeskiing Competitors and to allow competitors to have the voice of change in their sport. Our position is to also provide and promote exciting and fun events for competitors, organizers, sponsors, promoters and the general public. It is our intent to support the ski industry and encourage the growth and knowledge of the skiing public.

By providing a unified professional body, the IFSA aims to enhance the overall image of Freeskiing with credible criteria and measurable judging formats, and through the use of media, events and public awareness. The IFSA looks to provide athletes international recognition vital to the growth of our sport.


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