IFSA Gear Review: GearDryer

If there's something you should know about the IFSA Administrative Team, it's that we may be a small crew, but we work hard to balance our work and play. We travel a bit, ski a bunch, and work very hard to make your IFSA experience fantastic. We use a lot of gear and one of the things we're most excited about is Salt Lake City based: GearDryer. Read on for our review!

GearDryer dries all your gear

The folks at GearDryer were kind enough to outfit us with a GearDryer Freestanding 12 floor unit  to test during the Freeride competition season in 2018. Logging over 150 days combined, the IFSA Admin Team had ample opportunity and WET GEAR to test the utility and function of our GearDryer. Even with low snowpack plaguing the Rockies, we still found the GearDryer to be incredibly useful for drying up to two entire kits of snowboarding or skiing gear. The 12 nozzles attached to air ports on the GearDryer are all customizable so you can adjust the system to perfectly dry a wide variety of gear from ski boots and snowboard boots to helmets, gloves, buffs, neck gaiters, layers, backpacks, etc. You name a piece of gear, and we found we could pretty much figure out a way to adjust the GearDryer ports to dry out the nooks and crannies.

We even found that we could attach several GearDryer fittings together and dry waders for fly fishing. It's most useful function this summer was for drying hydration bladders after a thorough cleaning (no more mold!) and even a sun shower after a few camping trips. Gear is expensive and taking good care of it by removing any excess moisture ensures a longer lifespan. GearDryer was also ideal for keeping stinky gear under control after mountain biking. 

It's the moisture and heat that athletes generate during any workout that is the root cause of the bacterial growth that results in stinky, smelly gear. If you have teenagers, this problem can be even more odiferous. By eliminating moisture and airing out your gear on the GearDryer, you can finally combat the stench and take better care of your gear. It's as easy as selecting one of GearDryer's five pre-programmed settings and choosing to add heat or not. GearDryer features a 15-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, or 2-hour dry cycle. Hold the 2-hour button for 3 seconds to initiate a 24-hour drying cycle for items that are soaking wet. 

We most enjoyed just plopping helmet, mittens, gaiter, boots, and goggles on the GearDryer each night after skiing and knowing all the gear would be warm, dry, and ready for the following day. 


GearDryer's Mantra: "Dry gear is warm gear."


Copy of GD ReviewGearDryer gave us a Freestanding 12 boot and gear dryer to award to one randomly selected rider at the 2018 IFSA NorAm Champs event.

One of the handiest things we found about the GearDryer was how quickly it could dry out all sorts of ski gear. Being that we often attend events for multiple days in a row (the National and NorAm events at Snowbird, for example) having the ability to completely dry gear between each day was a huge benefit. We're out on the hill nearly all day, assisting judges, running scoresheets, standing on the venue (freezing) to take pictures, and filming clips for social media. If we didn't have dry boots or gear, we wouldn't make it to last chair. The GearDryer is a game changer for big families or those who want to spend multiple days skiing or snowboarding. It’s also ideal for folks who are active outdoors and have lots of gear from soccer, to lacrosse, to cycling, to fishing, and more. It's perfect for ski cabins, vacation homes, mud rooms, garages, or entryways. Note that GearDryer also makes a Wall Mount 12 version that can either be mounted on a wall or equiped with a rolling wheel kit for easy transit. This option is great if your space is limited or you need to frequently move your drying station.

Copy of GD Review 2

Here is why GearDryer Freestanding 12 and GearDryer Wall Mount 12 dryers are IFSA approved:

  • GearDryer is awesome for families on the go
  • GearDryer dries all your gear for the next morning
  • GearDryer is ideal for the cabins or homes of active people
  • GearDryer also warms your boots or gear with a gentle heating cycle
  • GearDryer helps remove and eliminate stinky odors and bacteria
  • The cycles of GearDryer offer different timing options for the perfect drying cycle (from 15 mins to 24 hrs)
  • GearDryer can be used for just about any piece of gear, not just your ski or snowboard boots! 
  • GearDryer is useful all year for biking, camping, fishing, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, climbing shoes, etc.
  • GearDryer is essential for families who play team sports and deal with stinky gear
  • GearDryer is a worthy foe for the dreaded hockey bag stench

If you have any questions about the GearDryer or would like to learn more, just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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