2018-2019 FWQ Series Rule Changes

Please read this article to stay informed about rule changes to the FWQ Adult Freeride Series in Region 2 for the 2018-2019 season.

As an athlete advocacy organization, the IFSA does its best to tend to the needs and concerns of Freeride athletes. In response to feedback from the community, and to better align with Region 1 rules, there will be a few policy changes implemented for the 2018-2019 FWQ competition season. The IFSA spent the majority of summer 2018 updating and reformatting all our handbooks. Please take the time to review the new IFSA Region 2 FWQ Handbook and the series changes outlined below.


FWQ 4* Event Format

All FWQ 4* events will be one day, one run events. The last FWQ 4* of the year, the championship event, may opt to use the format of a qualifying day followed by a finals day. See Section 1.10. in the handbook

FWQ 2* Event Format

Unless otherwise noted, all FWQ 4* events will be paired with a FWQ 2* event. An athlete who takes first place in the preceding FWQ 2* event will be awarded a Wild Card spot in the following 4* event. See Section 1.13. and 2.2. in the handbook

Inspection Protocol 

All FWQ 4* events will employ the soft inspection format. Athletes will be allowed on specific areas of the venue, but will not be allowed to ride the entire length of the venue. See section 2.3. in the handbook

Minimum Participant Requirements

At the FWQ 3* and 4* levels, if a division doesn't reach four competitors by the end of the registration period, the division will be canceled and those spots will be distributed to the other divisons. There is no minimum number of participants required for FWQ 2* events. See section 1.10. in the handbook

Missed Start Order

If an athlete may miss their start list position by more than 5 riders they must communicate their tardiness with the TD or event host and describe the circumstances preventing them from making their start time. If an athlete should miss their division entirely, they will earn a DNS. It is the decision of the TD/starter where to place the rider in the event they miss their start. Repeated infractions of missing start times will result in a DNS or DQ score at the discretion of the head judge and TD. See section 2.14. in the handbook

Please take the time to review our 2018-2019 FWQ Handbook. It is stuffed full of helpful information. If you have any questions about the above, please refer to the handbook for clarification. CLICK HERE

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