Andes Season Winds Down With Prime Spring Conditions at Corralco

Discounted FWQ entry fees and excellent spring conditions at Corralco will wrap up our 2018-2019 South American FWQ Series.

If you want to throw a memorable party, you need a couple of key ingredients. You need sunshine and great weather. You want interesting people to come, to visit with old friends while making new ones. And you’ll want a special venue with sweeping, panoramic views.

That special mix of stoke, joy, sunshine, location and good times is will accompany the final event of the 2018 Andes Freeride season at the Corralco IFSA FWQ 2*. After a stacked schedule with successful events at Chapelco and Antillanca, Corralco wraps up the South American winter in the Andes with a special event that no one should miss.

Corralco 3

“We looked at the winter, at all the people we met and all the athletes and decided that for the last competition, we would reduce the entry fee to $80 (USD) so that even if you didn’t have the best year or had to travel far to get here, competing would be affordable,” says Freeride Chile’s Fernando Ochagavia. “We felt that it was important to do this, especially for the athletes from Argentina as their country is experiencing political instability at the moment.”

Ochagavia also says that in addition to the reduced entry fee, the event will have a few other special things on tap, hinting at a new venue that in his words is, “Plan Z”. “It will be really interesting for the athletes,” confesses Ochagavia.

Corralco 2An athlete charges through the creamy wind-textured powder on the Corralco Freeride 2* venue in 2017

Given that this year has already been one of the most memorable for Freeriders in the Andes, with a new event at La Parva and the debut of “The Crater” venue at Antillanca, everyone can be certain that when Ochagavia hints at great times, good things will happen. Just how good? The only way to know for sure is to make the trip to Corralco to find out for yourself. What does Ochagavia have in store…?

What you need to know about the IFSA FWQ 2* at Corralco:

The new and reduced entry fee for the 2* Corralco event is $80. A single-event or year-long FWQ athlete license is required to compete. The event runs from September 28-30. View the IFSA FWQ page for more information and a registration link: CLICK HERE

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