Summer 2022 | The 2023 Freeride Sudamerica Tour

Freeride in South America, its ON for 2022!

Local and regional organizers have partnered to create a comprehensive Junior and Freeride World Qualifying (FWQ) tour in South America


June 1, 2022: Freeride Sudamerica, with the support of IFSA, are proud to announce a full slate of Freeride Junior and FWQ events in the Andes for July-Sept of 2022. We will have lots of updates to share in the coming weeks, so check back frequently for new information on the FWQ and Junior Event Pages or our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Freeride Sudamerica Websitehttp://www.freeridesudamerica.com/ 
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“This exciting development marks a turning point for Freeride skiing and snowboarding opportunities in South America for athletes. We are laying the foundation for future growth of the sport across one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the world, the Andes,” says Freeride Sudamerica Director for Chile, Fernando Ochagavia (Focha).

Focha and his Argentinean Freeride Sudamerica partner, Gonzalo Lopatin (Gonza), are contributing members of the IFSA Board of Directors as representatives of South America. “We’ve been working directly with the IFSA during the last 3 years to organize a cohesive Freeride Tour for the Americas. Now Region 2 athletes will have significantly more opportunities to earn points year-round. I think this close partnership between Freeride Sudamerica and the IFSA will raise the sport to the next level in the Andes,” adds Gonza.




South American Freeride Schedule:


July 30-31: La Parva — Junior Regional
Aug 5-8: El Colorado — Junior Regional and FWQ 2*
Aug 13-15: La Parva — FWQ 2*

September 9-11: Cerro Bayo - Junior Regional and FWQ 2*
September 17-19: Cerro Catedral - Junior Regional and FWQ 2*

In the coming weeks we will share a lot more travel tips, information, and logistical support!



Freeride Series Summary:

In August, El Colorado and La Parva in Chile are hosting both Junior and FWQ competitions. These two ski areas are conveniently located just 32 km (20 mi) from Santiago, the bustling capitol city of Chile, with access to the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL). Ideal for international travelers arriving in Santiago, these two events offer simple logistics for competitors and for those who wish to travel on to Argentina as a group. To begin, we recommend the town of Farellones to launch your Andes experience with accessible lodging, food, nightlife and nearby snowy slopes to train before the competitions.

La Parva opens the tour with a Junior event running August 30-31. This unique ski area has open bowls, cliffs and playful options with great access to hike-to terrain with 4,050m peaks, the iconic Cerro Parva chutes, and the famous Chimenea (Chimney) chute.

La Parva

The weekend after, another Junior Series event and 2023 season’s first FWQ event takes center stage at El Colorado on August 05-07, 2022. The ski resort has ideal inbounds freeride terrain called Chanchitos (Piglets) with access to exciting backcountry zones. Drop from a T-bar and descend 600m (nearly 2,000 feet) in elevation to Santa Teresa, where you hitch a ride back to the resort. The off-piste terrain of El Colorado will appeal to Freeriders: visualize open powder fields, natural wind lips and some of the best in the Americas!

New for this year, the FWQ Series in South America will also feature a Masters Division and podium for FWQ athletes 40 and older. At the conclusion of the Freeride Sudamerica tour, Master Championship titles will be awarded. 


El Colorado


In September in Southern Argentina, Cerro Bayo and Cerro Catedral will host additional events—dates TBA soon! The 2022 schedule allows for ease of travel between the two countries and creates a robust tour for athletes interested in competing in the Southern Hemisphere and expanding their experience within Region 2.


Following the tour stops in Chile, Argentina drops the rope and Cerro Bayo will welcome the Freeride community and athletes for the first time. The beautiful town of Villa La Angostura, nestled by the Nahuel Huapi Lake, will offer competitors ample lodging and restaurant options. The Cerro Bayo event will take place under the main gondola, with numerous line choices, plenty of opportunities for air, and exciting terrain.


Cerry Beyo


The tour concludes in Cerro Catedral for its final Junior and FWQ events. Located in Bariloche, Cerro Catedral offers legendary Freeriding zones. Navigate massive bowls and lengthy ridges. Enjoy plenty of ski touring and ski mountaineering which includes technical climbs and expeditions to the Refugio Frey area. This spectacular location will provide a fitting finale to the season.




“We’re very excited to connect the Americas with our distinctive South American Freeride Soul,” Focha commented. “By adding three new stops, this season is poised to be a fantastic year. The team at Freeride Sudamerica has worked through two difficult pandemic years to rebuild and create a comprehensive schedule of events that will become the foundation for future competition seasons in the Andes.”


“We’re thrilled!” says Freeride Argentina Director Gonza. “We’ve spent two years working with resorts and collaborators to develop a series of events with appropriate venues throughout the Andes. Our biggest Andes Tour makes this a season not to be missed by anyone with passion for Freeride!”


For additional information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and watch for updates here on the IFSA website! 


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